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Cancellation Policy

Because your appointment is reserved for you, you will be billed at your regular session fee ($170 or the sliding scale fee that was agreed upon at the outset of treatment) if a FULL 24 hours notice is not given for a cancellation or rescheduling request (this includes no-shows).

Please note that cancellations for Monday sessions must be received 1 business day in advance (e.g. if you have a 10 AM appointment on Monday, cancellation must be received by 10 AM Friday).

The cancellation policy applies to all clients, even those whose insurance plans I participate with. While I am not allowed to bill your insurance for missed sessions, I am permitted to bill you directly in these instances.

I have created this policy for two reasons:

1) to allow me adequate time to fill in cancellations with other individuals who are in need of my services

2) to protect against financial loss associated with appointment no-shows or last-minute cancellations.

While I have the utmost of empathy for both the usual and unusual life events that can arise which may precipitate the need for an appointment cancellation, this policy exists because my professional livelihood is based on services rendered over a finite period of time. If a cancellation occurs at the last minute, regardless of the compelling reason, this lost professional time cannot be recouped. Unlike a medical doctor, for whom multiple patients are scheduled in brief time slots (e.g. 15 minutes), I have only a limited amount of time slots available per day for appointments with one person/couple/family, which cannot be filled with other patients when a last-minute cancellation occurs.


This type of policy is standard practice for most psychologists.



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