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Mindful Eating Program


Corporate Wellness Programs: Mindful Eating


This wellness program is designed for employees who have difficulty with eating habits, weight management, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Through a structured intake assessment, Dr. Spiegel works with participants on identifying problematic eating and related lifestyle habits that they would like to change.  Then, utilizing a personally tailored program incorporating elements of hypnosis and mindfulness, participants are assisted in developing future goals, and visualizing and implementing a revised lifestyle, featuring slower eating and healthier food choices.


This program is divided into two parts:

Part 1: "Mindful Eating and Healthy Living":  In this 1-hour group seminar, employees learn about the role that food can play in emotion regulation and self-soothing.  Basic principles of emotion regulation are presented, and experiential exercises are incorporated to help seminar participants become more aware of how their dietary choices and eating behaviors are influenced by their emotions.  At the end of the presentation, all interested participants have the option to sign up for a 1-hour individualized wellness session.

Part 2:  Individual 1-Hour Wellness Session - During this one-on-one 1-hour session, Dr. Spiegel works with participants to develop a personalized wellness program.  This wellness session focuses on food-related issues.  Each session is divided into:

  • Diagnostic Interview - participants' pertinent histories, strengths, and problems are reviewed
  • Goal Development - based upon the information obtained in the diagnostic interview, Dr. Spiegel and the participant will develop short and long-term eating, exercise, and health goals.
  • Basic Mindful Eating Exercise - Dr. Spiegel will incorporate the participant's diagnostic interview information and goals into a brief hypnotic guided imagery exercise emphasizing mindful eating and goal visualization.  

Because the session is limited to one hour, participants should be aware that the purpose of the sessions is to create a springboard for future self-care efforts.  Participants may wish to consider further coaching, hypnotherapy, or psychotherapy to assist in subsequent progress in implementing these goals.  In addition, employers have the option of purchasing multiple wellness sessions for each employee (beyond the one session listed).


Pricing - Please call or e-mail Dr. Spiegel for more information on pricing for this program.  Different pricing packages are available based on employer budgets and number of participating employees.

Please note that Dr. Spiegel is not a nutritionist, dietician, or fitness trainer.  He approaches this subject from his expertise in hypnosis, and his clinical background in working with emotion regulation and food-related issues. 


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