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Stress Management

Corporate Wellness Programs:  Stress Management Program


What causes some people to thrive under pressure and others to collapse?  What amount of stress is the "right" amount and what is too much?  How does stress effect our health and physical well-being?  How can we buffer or protect ourselves against the harmful effects of stress?

The purpose of the Stress Management Corporate Wellness Program is twofold:

(1) To present the current research on these questions, with the goal of raising employee awareness about stress and its effects.

(2) To teach employees how they can:

  • take positive, proactive steps to improve their wellness
  • enhance their coping responses to stress in order to make them more effective in the workplace and life


The program is divided into two parts:

Part 1:  "Managing your Stress and Building Resilience" - This 1-hour seminar is presented to all interested employees.  In the seminar, Dr. Spiegel reviews the literature on hardiness, resilience, and coping, breaking down the findings into clear and practical strategies for better living.  In addition, he teaches participants several basic stress reduction techniques that can easily be implemented to help them function better in their jobs and lives.  At the end of the presentation, all interested participants have the option to sign up for a 1-hour individualized wellness session.

Part 2:  Individual 1-Hour Wellness Sessions - During this one-on-one 1-hour session, Dr. Spiegel works with participants to develop a personalized wellness program.  This wellness session focuses on stress-related issues.  Each session is divided into:

  • Diagnostic Interview - participants' pertinent histories, strengths, and problems are reviewed.
  • Stress Coping Style Assessment - Dr. Spiegel will identify and examine with each participant his/her existing coping style(s); and the adaptivity/maladaptivity of these styles across environmental contexts.
  • Goal Development - based upon the information obtained in the diagnostic interview, Dr. Spiegel and the participant will develop a set of future goals for relevant wellness areas, such as eating, sleeping, exercising, relaxation/self-care, and interpersonal relationships.  Emphasis will be placed on developing added effective methods for coping with stress.
  • Stress Reduction - applicable techniques introduced in the seminar will be reviewed with participants, and modified as necessary.  New techniques may be covered, time allowing.

Because these sessions are limited to one hour, participants should be aware that the purpose of the sessions is to create a springboard for future self-care efforts.  Participants may wish to consider further coaching, hypnotherapy, or psychotherapy to assist in subsequent progress in implementing these goals.  In addition, employers have the option of purchasing multiple wellness sessions for each employee (beyond the one session listed).


Pricing - Please call or e-mail Dr. Spiegel for more information on pricing for this program.  Different pricing packages are available based on employer budgets and number of participating employees.




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