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Wellness Services

I offer wellness services designed to help individuals better manage their stress levels.  Although these techniques are often integrated into psychotherapy, I also offer them as a standalone service.
The wellness services I offer include the following:
o Stress Coaching:  In an interview process, I will evaluate your responses to various situation-specific stressors to ascertain your coping styles.  We will discuss the adaptive and maladaptive aspects of these coping responses.  The stress coaching process works on helping you expand the areas where you cope well, and strengthen the areas where you have greater difficulties. 
o Breathing Training:  The practice of diaphragmatic breathing is beneficial because it activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS).  The PNS is responsible for calming and de-activating the body.  It is the opposite of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which is associated with the "Fight-or-Flight" arousal response.  When dealing with stress, we are seeking to decrease arousal and increase relaxation.  Proper breathing is an important channel to improved emotional health and regulation.
o Progressive Muscle Relaxation:  This technique focuses on clenching and relaxing the muscles, working in a systematic manner across the body to facilitate relaxation.  I will teach you how to utilize this technique in session and then apply it in other facets of your life.
o Guided Imagery:  I will walk you through various scripts involving targeted imagery and visualization designed to facilitate relaxation.  This is another great portable skill that can subsequently be applied on your own.
As one can see from the description of the services above, I offer a multi-faceted approach to targeting stress.  The above techniques combine to address the different components of stress ñ cognition, behavior, emotion, and physiological response ñ in a comprehensive manner.



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