Are you a licensed clinician seeking consultation?

I offer a number of individual and group consultation options for professionals seeking to enhance and refine their clinical practice. These include:

Individual Consultation (IC) towards ASCH certification in clinical hypnosis

As an Approved Consultant by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), I offer individual consultation towards the 20-hour IC requirement which counts as the final step in ASCH certification in clinical hypnosis. Together, at the outset, we will develop a 20 hour curriculum featuring didactic reading and skill refinement in areas of clinical hypnosis. This curriculum is individually tailored to best reflect your interests and areas of clinical practice.

General Consultation (Individual/Group)

One of the questions I often hear after presenting at various workshops is “do you offer consultation?” Sometimes I am approached by individuals seeking consultation; other times, small groups of professionals at trainings seek to work with me for consultation. As you might infer, the answer is an enthusiastic “yes!” I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have (both past and present) incredible mentors over the years. As a result, I love passing on knowledge to other professionals and am passionate about training and consultation.

Although I am an integrationist by nature, my theoretical orientation is heavily influenced by attachment theory, relationally-oriented psychodynamic models (e.g. self psychology, ego psychology, object-relations), and interpersonal process models (Sullivan, Yalom). Not surprisingly, given this, consultation with me often involves examining affective, developmental (e.g. personality structure, identity development), process, relational, and transferential aspects of treatment. My background in clinical hypnosis, and to a lesser extent mindfulness meditation, has also influenced an emphasis on the experiential and somatic aspects of the treatment.

Do these interests sound like a fit with yours? If so, I would welcome a discussion about how we might work together. While my preference is in-person consultation, if you live in another state or country, I am happy to consider video meetings (e.g. FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype) to best address your consultation needs.

Please note that the term ‘consultation’ is used in place of ‘supervision’ for licensed professionals. This difference underscores that although I may consult with you on your clinical work, you ultimately bear ethical and legal responsibility for your patients as a licensed practitioner.

This is a photo of a demonstration at a professional training. In keeping with the ethical practices for my profession, I do not take or publish images of patients.