My treatment philosophy is influenced by attachment theory, relational psychodynamic approaches such as self psychology, and mentalization-based treatment. However, I try to avoid labels as I believe they limit the richness of this special work that we do. When I explain my approach to clients and colleagues, I emphasize the importance of the therapeutic relationship in facilitating curiosity and insight, which in turn fosters greater reflective functioning and affect regulation.

A great metaphor for the work is the focusing process of a microscope. Some people are disconnected and out of focus; they need help tuning into what it is like to “be” with themselves. Others are too zoomed in and hypervigilant; these people need help learning how to step back and take perspective, e.g. ‘see the big picture’ more effectively. Through my own nonverbal and verbal attunement to your experience, I will help you learn how to more effectively self-direct your attention and be with yourself in a healthier way. Our interpersonal process of attunement leads to internalization and self-mastery.

I believe that effective therapy is balanced between exploration of past developmental experiences to understand patterns and templates of being in the world and present experiences, both in the here-and-now therapy encounter and day-to-day contexts. Last, but certainly not least, I believe strongly in the value of experiential techniques such as clinical hypnosis and mindfulness meditation to further the therapeutic process that I have just described. Clinical hypnosis has tremendous value in providing a state of focused attention in which personally tailored hypnotic language and imagery can be effectively utilized to further clients’ therapeutic goals. Hypnosis is inherently a tool of therapy rather than a stand-alone treatment.

There are three particular clinical areas that I have niches in, all of which related to the aforementioned treatment approaches. The first area is working with anxiety. Anxiety is a fascinating area to work in because it involves a mixture of applied, experiential interventions (e.g. clinical hypnosis, mindfulness, CBT) and insight-focused work (e.g. psychodynamic therapy) that emphasizes reflection, growth, and transformation. Relatedly, I enjoy addressing the intersection between mind and body, as seen through health psychology and psychosomatic diagnostic presentations. This could involve anything from gut/GI diagnoses – IBS, IBD, Crohn’s – to chronic headaches, insomnia, and medical diagnoses that have a psychological component. Lastly, I really find development, personality, and identity to be fascinating and meaningful areas to address in treatment. These themes are often pertinent in therapy that addresses trauma and/or relationship issues.

I enjoy working with clients who are curious, open-minded, reflective, interested in learning about themselves, and motivated for therapy. Does this sound like you?

This page is for informational purposes only. If you are interested in becoming a therapy client of mine, please visit the website for my practice Attune Philadelphia Therapy Group.